Qld Blue – my summer picks of Turf to become your new lawn.

I was so hopeful yesterday that rain was about to defend upon our little farm. But No! it went around us to leave us standing there irrigating our paddocks still. And even though all our Qld Blue paddocks are getting is irrigation water, non of the amazing rain that seems to be falling elsewhere (so jealous of you people and lawns and farms who are getting the rain) and it is going strong Emerald green and beautiful.

Hopefully waiting for Rain

Yesterday I took this photo of us about to harvest just before we thought it was going to pour with rain. It did’t. Not even little spots, so out we went to turn on the irrigation again. As always it is wonderful to accidentally walk through the sprinkler on the way somewhere. Even with the dark clouds looming over the harvester the Qld Blue Couch about to be changed from being in our paddock into someones lawn looks gorgeous and green and was so wonderfully fluffy to touch. Sorry to sound like I have a little favourite, but at the moment the Qld Blue is definetly my favourite. It is requiring the least amount of water and care to stay turf green and ready to go and be come someones new cherished lawn.

Love it

Chat soon