Qld Blue – from Cabarita Beach to Sydney

I know that I tend to prattle on about how great Qld Blue Couch is, but I really do love the grass. I love its dark colour, its easy going nature, and super soft feel under foot. I love that even after months of no winter rain, it still is looking dark green in peoples yards. And my love has been spreading. All the way from our little farm at Cabarita Beach, down to the ocean views in Vaucluse in Sydney.

I recently went down to see how my babies were doing. And see for yourself?


Its green fluffy and the owners as well as the landscaper is very happy with the grass. So am I. Look at that. Our grass from our little farm all the way down with Harbour Bridge views. I think our grass can almost say its been everywhere.

Coastal Turf can get your grass to your door stop, no matter how far away you are or how hard you think your location is. I will get the grass to you. Especially if its our baby Blue.

Chat soon


PS Next week we are off to Pottsville School to returf their oval. Watch out for us there and more exciting photos