Winter lawn installations

Wow. How cold was it now! I really think that Winter was waiting behind the door and has now decided to jump out and say “HI! “

I know in the mornings now I well and truely need a jacket. and even my preteen son, who never feels the cold, has started to wear a jumper. usually he travels around in his boards and a shirt. Today it is tricky pants and a jumper. That is a really sign that winter is here. And it is cold!

And how does your turf cope with the cold? Well really well actually. Many people ask me if it is still a good time go year to install a new lawn.

Winter is a great time to install your new lawn. In Winter, the grass plant slows its growth down. So it requires less watering and less fertilising to stay green and healthy.

In Winter when we harvest the turf it is “sleepy”. What does this mean?

Well, in Summer, the grass plant is actively growing. It is consistently looking to grow new roots and new leaves all at once. And when we harvest in the Summer, the plant starts to stress. Because it really really wants to put down new roots. It wants to grow new leaves. And like us when we stress, it heats up. This is why in Summer we say you HAVE to install your new lawn within 6 hours of delivery. Otherwise the turf can stress, heat up, and burn. Sometimes even die.

Nt to mention in Summer when you install your new lawn, you are out in the heat. The burning Sun. You need hats, sunscreen, and lots of water. Not just for your lawn. But for you!

But in Winter, the plant is more chilled out. Literally as well as figuratively. So cooler temperatures means that the plant is not actively seeking to grow new leaves. It is still sending out its roots to grow, but it is a lot calmer about the situation. The Turf is just chilling. When we harvest the turf in winter, and it does not stress. It calming takes the whole thing in its stride. Meaning, after a more relaxing winter installation, your turf becomes your new lawn.

Your new lawn, being a cool chilled out relaxed winter installed lawn, is not searching fanatically for water. Unlike a Summer installed lawn, you don’t have to water it three times a day. Just a cool refreshing drink once a day to encourage the new root growth.

With a Winter installed lawn, you personally don’t have all the heat stress attacking your body while you rush to get down your new lawn. In Summer you literally have to get the grass down as possible. In Winter, you can ensure that your preparation is perfect. That you have all the fertiliser spread in an even manner. You can stop to have a drink. Smile at your friends and family who are helping you to install your new lawn. Then leisurely pick up each slab and place it on the ground calming. Creating a beautiful new lawn. Super chilled out.

The best part of a winter lawn, is that when Summer does come, with its Hot winds, and scorching sun, your will be kicking back on your fully established thick lush lawn, just Chilling. Congratulating yourself on having the foresight to install our new lawn in Winter. The roots are established deep down. Watering once, maybe twice a week. While your neighbour who is sweating away, red faced and sunburnt, try to installs quickly as possible their new lawn.

All the while your home is cooler and fresher and cleaner because you have a beautiful Green Coastal Turf Winter installed lawn around your home.

The perfect meaning of Chilled.

The perfect place to Chill out over Summer. On your Winter installed Coastal Turf Lawn.