Palmetto Weekend

It has turned out that this Saturday has been booked out to Palmetto. All our luck Saturday morning deliveree’s are all getting Palmetto. I don’t think this has ever happened before. Its a bit exciting for Palmetto lovers. It is definitely one of my favs for the shade. Its cool low light personality means that it can take the hard wear from kids playing all day in the shade and still show off its gorgeous green status. And my kids love it too. And so do their friends

biggest backyardHoll had one of her friends over this week and they were desperate all day to get down to what Hollie told her friend was her backyard or farm, to cartwheel like wheels all over the Palmetto Buffalo. I must say that it impressive how many times they could turn without falling over (I counted twice in one go. Not bad for 8 year olds). And I guess the wide open spaces are good, and definitely the Palmetto is great for cushy landings.

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