Palmetto, the perfect kids lawn

Well its been a great start to 2017 so far. I have just discovered that our 10year old is knows her Turf stuff.

Her best friends parents called and wanted some Palmetto turf installed at their place around their side and pool area. No Problems says my daughter. She quite cleverly measured up the area, set up the delivery date, told her Second Parents (as she calls them) the prices and then went with the truck for a sale over when we delivered the turf. It was the easiest delivery I have ever arrange. For a sleep over or a turf delivery. All I had to do was pack a bag of clothes and a roller. Not the usual, but nearly normal for our house.


So off Hollie went and helped her second Dad install their beautiful new lawn. She said she did most of the work (note the staggered brick formation that the turf is laid in. Perfect for quick establishment). Her second Dad said he is pretty sure he did a lot too. And Hollie measured so well she only had one slab left over.

Hollie did get a special ice cream as a reward from her Second Parents.

So little lesson, that if the my 10 year old can do it, I bet anyone can do it this summer. But I think the biggest lesson is that you can get your kids to help install your new lawn, and only have to pay them with Ice Cream!

Dad’s on the other hand, they probably want beer or something more refreshing.

Chat soon