Palmetto is Number 1?

One of the great things about your kids going to school is that they learn how to read. And also not so good. As parents you can no longer spell out words or write notes you don’t want kids to know. Like your Christmas list.

But they can recognise numbers and words. Awesome. So this morning on our rushed run around for school, Hollie and Riley stop dead on the lawn and then grab Riley’s iPad to take a photo. I try to rush them into the car and then on the way past I had to stop and laugh with them.


“look Mum. Even the grass thinks it Number 1,” says Hollie. When we mowed the lawn, we scalped the top of the grass, and when the grass has grown back after the fantastic rain on the weekend, it has grown back with the shape of 1 on it. Very cool. Just had to share it with you


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palmetto No. 1

Palmetto No. 1