Palmetto and an Easter Camp out

Over Easter, our kids said to us could they ALL have their friends over for a play. And  everyone, bar one,  that we called (its amazing how many people my 6 year old knows) was on a camping holiday. Now either we only know outdoors type people or it was the craze this year to camp out over the long weekends.

So not to be out done by the Jones’, my kids all wanted to camp as well. Now my husband and I work outside all day every day, and we play in the dirt all day, so spending our precious days off with our kids sleeping on the ground was not really on the cards. And all the packing and organizing I would have had to all ready done for camping was just no where near slightly ready. We didn’t even have marshmallows! So after a begging pleading and finally a friend of the kids coming over, my Husband came up with an amazing idea. Kids camping in the backyard! Brilliant !


When most people go camping, you go to the Bush or a park and the ground is compacted, the dirt hard and unyielding. But no so in  Coastal Turf lawn backyard! We set up the kids tent on the Palmetto patch n the side of the shed. Because the Palmetto is such a fluffy strong grass, the tent felt like its was on a soft fluffy mat. The kids slept straight on the floor of the tent in sleeping bags. No airbeds because they said the Palmetto was so soft and fluffy. Awesome! Less packing up for Mum. We kept the tent up for 3 days of kids camping, with a small fire to cook the hastily service station bought marshmallows, and camp tables and chairs strewn across the Palmetto patch and the kids thought it was the best camping holiday EVER! So did we, I still got my hot shower and my husband could still watch the football on TV.

When we took the tent down i thought the Palmetto would be knocked around, but instead it was still green and bright coloured. We were suitably impressed.


So next time your kids so lets my camping, set your tent up on a new Coastal Turf Palmetto LAwn and feel the comfort. Relax at home while the kids sleep outside. Almost a date night!

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Bit squished from the tent, but still green and fluffy.

Bit squished from the tent, but still green and fluffy.