Palmetto Buffalo verses Empire Zoysia. Who is the Favourite?

Hey do you know what I’m Not doing this weekend? I’m not going to be mowing my lawn. And you know why? Its not because I have a sexy lawn mower man. Sadly no. Although I can dream about things like that because I will have the time this weekend.

Because I have two of the best types of turf lawn varieties in our region gracing my lawn. My yard tends to be a bit of a mish mash of all different varieties of lawns. My husband, the Turfman, tells me it because we are testing out all the different lawns at our place. If they can cope with our three kids, their friends, our fat dog and very active dog. They, Hey! They can cope with anything. The Palmetto Buffalo and the  Empire Zoysia are my favourites at the moment. (Like kids, you never have an actual favourite child, just one you prefer to be with at the moment. )  Both are slow growing turf grasses that cope well in the shade. They require little to no love from me to stay thick and lush. Its a beautiful thing.


And like playing two kids off each other, to see who you love the most, the Pal and the Zoys must compete to see who is my favourite. Just kidding, I don’t make my kids compete for my love. They are the bright light in my day that does make me want to keep going, and other days I dislike them all evenly. But the lawn, I am happy to let them compete. The Pal does perform beautifully under the trampoline area. It is robust enough to take the kids and the dog running, driving, falling and playing it all year round. The sponginess underfoot means they do not have to wear shoes outside. And I have no worries about Bindies invading the Pal. Its such a great tight knit lawn that nothing is hurting my kids feet.


But around the outdoor shower, where MY feet are most often bare, is my Empire Zoysia. Its soft, comforting and always green. I love the slow growing thinner leafed Empire Zoysia. The Zoysia envelopes my feet in its lush leaf. I feel like I’m walking on clouds of fluffy green as I move from the shower to the house. It does take a little more water than the Pal, but it takes half the mowing.


So I have put the two next to each other. And Turfman says we will see which one tries to invade and take over the other. The area is shadey, only getting 4 hours or so of sunlight per day. So it will be a real tester.


I’ll let you know which one at the end of winter is my favourite.

Chat soon


Empire Zoysia

Palmetto Buffalo