Palmetto Buffalo – recommended as the best place to sit – by Keith

After a rather tiring day of chasing the tractor as we harvested all different types of grass, Keith the Turf Dog decided to take a, what he believed, well deserved break.

I however was breaking down pallets of turf into smaller lots, in preparation for customers to come out and pick them out. I enjoy when customers come out to the farm and check out the operation, pick up a bit of turf, and have a bit of a chat with me.

I only ever get to chat to people on the phone, hardy ever get to go out on deliveries, especially big ones, so when people come out to the farm, I love being able to chat face to face with them. I do recommend it.

The best place to sit, as recommended by Keith the dog

The best place to sit, as recommended by Keith the dog

Window Shopping For Grass

A lovely gentleman came out yesterday and called it window shopping for grass. No windows but lots of chance to touch, smell, and experience the grass. It really can help wen making the all important decision  as to what the BEST grass for YOU is.

Anyway, back to my story, as i was braking down a pallet between two, I picked up a slab of grass, turn 90 degrees, placed the slab on the other pallet and turned back to find Keith firmly placed on the Palmetto slabs having a rest.

Hard To Move A 45kg Dog!

It is very hard to move a 45kg dog off a slab of grass, especially when its his favorite.

Always sit on grass, especially Palmetto

Always sit on grass, especially Palmetto

I have noticed that Keith gets very excited when we are on the Palmetto buffalo. He loves to roll all over it and takes every chance to sit on it he can. So if you need a close to the ground recommendation, Keith’s is the Palmetto Buffalo!

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