Palmetto and Empire Zoysia

Well in the continued experiment for the winter, “What grows Better in the Shade”, I have the updated pictures for this week.

As you’ll remember, Mum has this shady wet spot in her back yard that she really doesn’t look after. We put it down and walked away. Mum occasionally gets Tony (my husband) to mow it, but that is it. No professional turf farmer care. It has 2 medium size dogs that eat bones and run (well its kind of a run. Betty the Black dog is rather large and does have some difficulties running quickly) all over it. So it gets a work out. Not to mention grandkids playing their version of world cup soccer on it…

Palmetto on the right at back and Empire Zoysia on the left

So as you can see, we are now into the swing of it. May is nearly over and June will bring in the cold. I am enjoying watching these grasses. At this point the Palmetto seems to have that extra greenness that the Empire Zoysia lacks. And that what is all the Palmetto experts do tell me.. So lets wait and see. And I would like to point out I am not clever enough to mess with the photos. I can’t change colours etc for the life of me. I tried to make my daughters face sharper one and ended up giving her an extra head in the photo. So now photoshop for me. Completely natural me. And a bit useless with cameras…