Pal-metto; Your Mate in your lawn

I’m sure at your job you all have slang or pet names for what you do and what you sell.

At Coastal Turf we are no different. Some of them are really silly, and some are little bit clever and some have no real relevance unless you are in the know.

Like Pal. This is our nick name for Palmetto Buffalo. I mean it is a bit obvious. Pal; Just the beginning of the name. Yes, it is a little bit lazy. But its a very Aussie thing to do.

Pal- metto – Your Mate in your lawn.

Palmetto does not have just one nick name. Oh No! As one of our favourites it has several.

Like my kids  call Pal – the Mate grass. They were watching an American TV show and heard someone call someone else a “Pal”. And being farm kids they have heard and been with us when we have been harvesting the Pal. My daughter, who is very straight forward in her thinking, wanted to know why Americans called each other a grass type. I had to explain that a Pal in America is like a Friend, what we would call a Mate. So now the Kids, anytime we have to harvest Palmetto Buffalo, say we are going out to harvest our Old Mate. And as you can guess, this name really stuck. It does get some giggles and smiles from the farm guys, and some strange looks from friends and family when they are visiting.

But I think that the Old Mate grass is a pretty good description. The Palmetto lawn is a really good “Friend” as a lawn.

It isn’t demanding. Your friend will not wan to be pampered and fussed over to stay looking beautiful and green. No fussing with mowing and intense summer watering. Oh no. Being a good friend, your Pal will give you your space. But still always be there when you need it.

Your Pal will love to share a glass of wine, and if you spill it on the lawn, your Pal will clean it all up faster than you can say Opps!

Like a true Pal, your Palmetto lawn will tell others how awesome you are. By saying “Look at my amazing lawn. Look at the green lush grass.” And of course make your neighbours jealous of how awesome you are, and how great a Pal you have.

And like a true friend, your Pal will take the kids and look after them while you get a quick Games of Thrones episode knocked off during the holidays. Pal loves to have kids running around on it. Loves to have kids crawl all over it. Loves to comfort bodies when they fall upon it.

So, get a Good Pal, an Old Mate at your place. Put in a Pal -metto lawn before Christmas and know you are getting a good friend on your lawn.

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