Our Aussie Blue Couch and Pacific Zoysia lawn

I have two favourite types of lawns. They are both soft under foot and easy to take care of. I love to take off my shoes after a long day at work, and walk bare foot across my lawn. The soft comforting leaves of my Aussie Blue Couch and Pacific Zoysia lawn are just perfect to take away all the stress of the day.

In some areas of my yard, there is all day sun. In this area we have the beautiful Aussie Blue Couch there. The Aussie loves to be in the sun all day. And as a True Blue Ozzie, it is drought tolerant, and is tough but comforting. When we walk, run play and fall over on the blue couch, we are always meet with the tenderness of the Aussie Blue.

Our 15 year old daughter has started AFL this year. Our Aussie Blue couch is a little bit away from our home, so it is the perfect place to kick the footy, run around with no shoes on, and have a beautiful soft place to learn how to tackle. It is quote daunting as a mother when catch a ball only to have my kids run at me to try and push me over. At the east the Aussie is soft to fall on. And never ever leaves me itchy.

The Aussie Blue also photos beautifully. Its dark colour really highlights homes and people. So it is a great place to make the kids all come together for a Family photo.

This is what happens when I ask 3 teenagers, a dog and a my Husband to sit on the grass for a photo. It always ends in stacks on!

Or attempt to get your family together for a family photo. Poor Marcus, who is at the bottom of this pile, tells me that it is very soft to be squished on. And don’t you just love my 19 year old half eyes closed face! Ahh the beauty of a family photo.

Because I love the dark rich colour and the softness of the Blue couch, on the shadier side of our home I really wanted something to match the Aussie. I know that the 4 hours of direct sunlight per day we get on that side was not enough to sustain a beautiful Aussie blue lawn. But is was perfect to have the Pacific Zoysia.

The colour is very similar, and the leaf is nearly as soft as the Aussie blue. But the Pacific Zoysia has the amazing ability to grow in much shadier areas, and still retain its softness under foot.

Our Pacific Zoysia is near the stairs into our yard. So it copes a fair amount of wear and tear from kids, and especially our dogs coming in and out. I am so impressed how the Zoysia holds up to the wear and tear of our busy family, with little love and care from us. After caring for other peoples lawns, we don’t want to do it when we come home. We just want to sit back and relax on the lawn.

Often our kids will “forget” to mow the lawn a couple of weeks in a row. Shocking I know! Teenagers not wanting to mow the lawn. The Zoysia in Winter only needs mowing every month. And Summer every 10-15 days. Which tends to fit my teenagers regime of when they “can” mow our lawn.

Pacific Zoysia often has a reputation of getting a red tinge on the tips of the leaf in winter. But we have never had this happen in the past 10 years we have lived here. And neither have friends that I have recommended the Pacific Zoysia to as well.

Neil’s lawn is still one of my favourites. The lush dark colour and softness underfoot just heavenly. He has a beautiful bouncy dog as well, and although she gives it a work out every day, it is still is soft, and lush.

For a soft lush dark coloured lawn, in shadier areas, the Pacific Zoysia is the best. The Pacific Zoysia has the unique ability to preform in the shade like buffalo, but have the softness and dark lush visual appeal of a couch lawn. It really is the best of both worlds.

The Zoysia can take a hammering from kids, dogs, and adults alike, and still look as good as the day you installed it. Zoysia not only requires a third of the mowing of any other turf varieties, also a third of the fertilising as well. Which is a win win again. So although it is not as soft as the blue, it really is a lot easier to keep looking amazing all year round.

I think they love it as much as we do!

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