Olympic’s on the turf

My goodness! The Olympics are here and I don’t know about your house but they are definitely dominating at ours. My 4 year old asked my husband yesterday if when the Olympics were on on the other side of the world was there anything else on television? My Husband said no. Oh, said my 4 year old. So that’s all we have been watching.

Last night we watched the Aussie Hockey girls and they were fast and amazing. (I think my boys may be inspired to take up hockey – not sure if its for the girls in short skirts – teenage son, or because you get to hit other people with sticks – 4 year old son. I like to believe it was because it was such an amazing game). My daughter asked her father what type of grass they were playing on. My husband said it was Astro Turf. Oh, said Hollie (aged 6 but thinks she is much older and wiser), that must be a type of Blue couch. Why I asked her. Because there is no way you could fall over on any other grass and and not rip a hole in your leg. Then my eldest son explained what Astro turf was (being a teenager and an expert on EVERYTHING he would know) and Hollie was shocked and appalled. Why would anyone want fake grass?She cried. How would you play on it, how would you get that great smell from it, how would you know when it was summer or spring or winter? Now at this point I think we both had a proud parent moment. “Oh, it must be because they don’t have any Coastal Turf Turfmen around to look after it or grow it”. Wonderful Daughter.

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