DO NOT GO COMMANDO on your lawn.

I bet from the heading you are like where is this story going? What type of person runs around “Commando” on their lawn.? And what disasters happened to them….

Well, as you may know, I have a 9 year old son and a 15 year old son. So you can imagine the conversations that come our of the back seat of the car sometimes.

Like yesterday. As we are driving along and I’m singing to the music with my daughter who has wrangled the front seat from her two brothers  somehow (its amazing what a quick tongue and a fast run can do for a girl), the boys in  the back seat think we cannot hear them speaking.

So my youngest asks his older brother what going “Commando” means. My oldest blushes a little and says it when you don’t wear undies under our shorts. Then added, “Don’t do it. I don’t want to see anything. No one does.”

I just keep my awesome singing going and pretended I didn’t hear. I did notice this morning that they both came down looking for undies.

It made me think about “Commando” though. Not that I am thinking of going the no underwear to work thing. Oh No. I was thinking that its the preparation that no one sees that can make a huge difference.

Like wearing underwear to ensure your comfort throughout the day. Or putting on the right underwear to go with your outfit.  In my case, to suck all my flabby mummy- tummy in and create “shape” when I wear a nice dress.

Well, ensuring you have the right soil under your turf is the same.  You use your soil to create shape in your lawn. Putting down a good organic nutrient rich soil will ensure the long term health of your lawn. It will attract microorganisms into the soil to create pathways for the health of your lawn. A good fluffy soil will drain lots of water away, but hold enough close enough to the roots. Then by putting the right turf down in your lawn, your backyard will be greener for longer. Isn’t it great to have the best greenest lawn in the street? When you order your turf through us we provide you with an installation guide as well as an aftercare guide. Give us a call now to start you off.

And all it takes is you putting down your lawns “undies” first to make sure your new turf preforms to its highest standard. Take my boys advice. Don’t go Commando for your lawn.


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