New Years Grass and Lawns

Happy New Year!

I know, I Know. I am a couple of days late, but new years eve always takes it out of you doesn’t it? The late night is enough to drain you for a day after, let alone if you have consumed a little too much liquid as well….Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! That is the golden rule, after New Years Eve parties, as well as after your lawn has been sitting in the hot sun all day. Getting tht wonderful water into your systems will mean healthier happier you and your lawn.

As I watched the sun rise over the farm this morning, while we were irrigating our paddocks (watering in the morning means that your lawn and our paddocks get a freshening cool down before the heat sets in for the day. And a lovely drink), I snapped this picture to remind myself of the Amazing new year ahead of us. The wonderful times are are set to come.

Sunrise at Coastal TurfA New Year, A New Stronger healthier paddock, A New stronger healthier happier GREENER lawn for you. And as research in Qld shows, the more green grassed areas around your home, the cooler the inside. And at the moment I think we would all enjoy a little cooler around us.


Chat soon

Happy New Year! May your sunrises promise and deliver wonderful green times!