Need more Green around your home?

Well after a weekend on at Surfers Paradise, in the concrete jungle, I am very very happy to be home in my greener space. It made me realise how important it is to have that green space around you to help relax and breathe deeply so you can continue with your day. I take my hat off to you all who work in office blocks and in the city scape.

The green spaces, especially your home, feels so relaxing. Even just walking up to your green soft lawn, makes me feel better. Seeing the lush deep colour makes me feel a sense of calm. A place to take big deep breathes. And unwind and get a family brain on instead of my work head space.


This is one of my favourite green spaces at the back of our place.

Wheres your favourite?

After a weekend of mud, rain, and thunder, a green lawn is always so much nicer. And easier on the cleaning of the floors.

Chat soon about making your place greener and cleaner.