Need Grass?

This is a sign that I have been seeing as I have been driving around the Tweed region lately and then underneath the sign it says that they supply fake grass or artificial grass. To me that is not even grass. Grass and especially Lawn should be soft underfoot, and smell of earthy freshness, especially in the morning when the sun first strikes it; or when it has been freshly cut. There is nothing else like it!

So if one does need GRASS one in my opinion should get GRASS. Not the plastic imitation, but the real life gorgeous natural green. Too much of our lives are based around silicon life. And in most cases it definitely makes our lives better (unlike my fax machine which I would gladly kill), things like modern appliances (except fax machines), communication tools (except fax machines) and all these little things that just make our days and lives easier.


But in the end we still really do need to breath, and grass is one of the best plants that produces Oxygen and it can be right on your door step bringing you that bit of fresh air morning noon and night. It really is great, hardy, impressive stuff. Back a few years ago in the drought (hard to remember now with the floods just gone and the rest), any body who saw a little bit of green around especially on someones lawn would reveal in the chance to stop and stare at it and enjoy the fresh feel under their toes, and it would bring a little bit of joy to their face. Not only does grass help us breath but it helps us emotionally as well. Nature has taken millions of years to give us this great green wonderful stuff, that we really just can’t replace with plastic. We need it body mind and soul.


Wow, who know that grass was so Deep. Only when you mow and care for it right…..hehehe just a little turf humor. You probably didn’t even know there was such a thing hey? There is even a turf joke. Ready for this…


Fred and Bill were sitting on Bill’s verandah having a lazy afternoon beer when they see a Coastal Turf truck go past with a couple of pallets on the back. Fred turns to Bill and says ” You know Bill, I’m gonna be that rich one day…”

Bill looked at Fred questioningly and said “What ca mean Fred?”

“Well,” says Fred, “One day I’m gonna be that rich that I am gonna send my grass out to be mowed as well”


Hehehehe not that funny, but I couldn’t put on the web site the joke I know about artifical grass…


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