#NationalFamiliesWeek. What does it mean to you?

I have been flicking through my Facebook feed and noticed that this week is National Families week #NationalFamiliesWeek. And it got me thinking about what is a Family now? I guess it means something different to everyone.

In our house my immediate Family is My Husband and our kids. Then theres our larger biological family consisting of my brothers family, my sister in-laws family and our parents and step parents. Then there is my Work Family. As a small family business, these who work with us become more than just employees, they become part of Us. And I cannot forget my Friend Family. All those wonderful people in my life whom I love.

So when I really think about what is family to me, it is all about the people that I love. All the people that if the world was going to end, those who I would put in the Ark with me. Thinking about it I would need a really really big Ark. Theres my Biological family, then there are the people in my lives whom I count as family . The friends whom I call upon in the good times and rely upon during the bad. The ones that when I have exciting news I call them or send out a text to them straight away! The ones when you have to move house or install a new lawn, you call, and know they will come. Those Friends that its ok when they come over and your house is messy. Those friends that when you say “I’m having a BBQ this weekend. Why don’t you come over? Yeah just in old clothes is fine. Might just lay a bit of turf before hand hey? “ And you know they will come. And bring a hose.

Who are those amazing people in your lives? Who are the people that you KNOW you can rely upon to be there during the Great moments, helping you through the bad moments, and getting down right dirty and covered in mud with you when the time is called for? Is it just the Biological family in your life or is it the Family that you have built up around you?

I hope that it is both for you. I hope that you have the people whom you share blood with sitting at your Christmas table sharing your meal, and on that table there are also your Friend family as well enjoying your feast. And I really hope that your Christmas table is outside on your Coastal  Turf Lawn. So if there are any spills or food drops off the table, the lawn will soak it all up, the dog can eat up the scraps, and there will be less for you to clean up. Also the ground will be cool. And more satisfying because you and your FAMILY helped install together!

Happy National Families Week everyone.

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