National Water week and your Lawn!

My kids have informed me it is National Water Week.

They have imparted their knowledge to our family that this means we all have to look at ways of conserving and using water wiser. Excellent I explained to them. This is something I think is really important. Its all part of having the right grass for the right place with the right soil conditions which will mean that Lawns will be healthier and use less water over the long term. Preparation is the key to a long term great looking lawn! Having a good water soluble soil is an excellent start and then adding the right grass for your conditions, like having a couch or Zoysia in a full sun hot area which uses less water, or a Palmetto. Or even in the shadey areas having a buffalo in the shadey areas.

Getting the right grass that you will have the time to care for is really important too. If you absolutely love the look of the Buffaloes but have a hot sunny area, and you know you will have the time and energy to put into watering a little each day, then that is DEFINITELY the right lawn for you.

Its all personal choice about a what you and your family want and need. No two families and lawns are the same, so our advice is always different to your circumstances as well.

Back to the watering though, it is really hot at the moment and the wind is sapping all the ground of any water that may have come from the dew, so a light water in the evening and/or morning is key. This will keep your lawn looking GREEN and lush for summer. The best preparation for a hot summer is a Top dress now to ensure that the water stays near the roots and the Grass is happy. But remember short light watering now is better that long heavy watering. Have your sprinkler on for 5 to 10 mins at a time. That way you are not wasting water, your lawn will look great, so we will all be following the National Water week ideas!

Chat soon. And have fun playing under the Sprinkler.


Sprinklers on the Qld Blue Couch paddock. So tempted to run through them like I was 7 again on a hot day.

Sprinklers on the Qld Blue Couch paddock. So tempted to run through them like I was 7 again on a hot day.