Mums in Sport – grass and Mums getting everyone there

This last couple of weeks there has been a huge focus on Women in sport. Not only their oles in playing sport, and my hat off to all of you amazing women with the talent and skill to play sport, but also their roles in getting kids, partners and family and friends to games and training so they can play sport. It is very nice that it coincides with Mothers Day. A Great way to say thanks to women and respect all that they do. And my kids are right up there as well.

I am not unfortunately one of those amazing skilled women who play sport with finesse and grace. More flapping, falling and laughing. So I am one of those mums that drive my kids to games, pick up my more skilled husband, cheer my brother on, and provide all those handy things, like grass to play all these fine games to play on.

Most recently I drove to Murwillumbah High School to watch my much more talented daughter than I, run her regional cross country. It was amazing and inspiring. Yes I am one of those tearing up mums too.

I am proud to be the mum however who puts down the playing fields for everyone to play on. Most recently Coastal Turf supplied the Tweed Shire Council with Gorgeous Green Wintergreen Couch for the Arkinstall Park sporting complex. I cannot wait for my kids to play there.

But until then, I will be super proud of my feilds and especially my kids!

Play on all you amazing people and KUDOS to all those in the background making it all possible.

Chat soon