Mums Lawn Sanctuary

We have now lived in our house for 5 years. Over this time we have painted and not painted some rooms. Mostly tiled the whole house and carpeted very few rooms. And mostly just “discussed” what we should do with our yard. The Turfman usually just brings home some turf to try out at our place and we work around it. At the moment we have a mish mash of every variety Coastal Turf offers on our yard. I can tell you how each variety works under several conditions because I have all the lawn varieties in all types of different places. Like in the shade. In the sun. High traffic. Low traffic, and may favourite area, around the clothes line.

Like most parents, and in my house, me the mum, seem to do a lot of washing. I once saw a Meme on Facebook saying something along the lines of according to how much washing I do,  there must be several other people living in my house who I haven’t met yet.  I really really must have like 4 extra people in the house. All who wear clothes randomly and only have one leg, so we can only wash one sock at a time.

I am in my work boots most of the day, in two matching socks. Either down the farm, or in the office I have my big heavy safety boots (and big fluffy socks) on the protect my feet. And like all work shoes they are not like walking on clouds all day. So when I get to come home and slide off my boots, put my TWO socks in the laundry, I love to walk on something soft and comforting. Now our house, as I mentioned before, is mostly tiles, so there is no real relief from walking on the carpet.

But my clothes line has beautiful soft Blue couch under it. My exciting go getter mum and wife life is so reflected that I come come, feed people (some are mine, some are just there. But hunger anyway so I feed them), and then go on with house work. Like clothes washing.

Clothes lines are meant to be in full sun. I married a farmer. And even though we work and live on a lovely large farm, our house block is small. Because really, all that space can be used for growing turf. For other people to enjoy. So my clothes line is located between the shed and the water tanks. And gets maybe 6 hours of sunlight per day if I am lucky. It  does get a good wind going thorough though which does dry clothes quite quickly.  And when I get to hanging out the washing at the end of the day, I love to take my shoes off and walk bare footed over the super soft grass. I have a combination of blue couch right under my line, and Palmetto buffalo just off to the side.

The blue couch is so super soft and comforting on my bare tired feet. As I hang out everyone else’s one sock and my two washed socks, I am happy in my bare feet. It gets only Mum traffic, as the kids and husband don’t like venturing to the clothes line, in the fear that they may be asked to help. So it has stayed lovely and soft for me. I hardly ever water it. Occasionally I will let the washing drip dry, and it does rain; Sometimes. But for 5 years with little to no care from myself it has stayed my true blue lawn. The boys do mow it about every 2 weeks, and thats about as much care as I give it.

Just around from the clothes line is a small area of Palmetto that is spongy and green. This is my secret area that the kids cannot see from the house when they stand and call me because the clothes line blocks their sight. And I know they hardly ever walk past the line to see if I am there. So it is here on my little Palmetto sanctuary that this summer, after I hang out my washing, that  I shall be hiding with my iPad, and if I’m really going to get excited, my book, for a little while. Enjoying the sun, and my lovely lawn patch. Just for me.

Chat soon. Probably best to send emails if its clothes hanging out time and I’ll get back to you from the patch.