Mud, Girls, Empire Zoysia and Palmetto Buffalo

What to do in the Rain Aren’t my girls lovely! All dressed in pink. And Mud! That is our driveway and then our lovely Empire Zoysia and Palmetto Buffalo patch behind them. In all this rain these two grasses have fared really well. Much better than the girls did anyway. The grass was not half as muddy as they were. You can see the 2 tyres marks where my husband parks his truck there every day and all night. It is a very worn track now after the past 2 years. But you will also notice that the Buffalo given half a chance is trying to grow back into wheel riles. Its a really strong grass, especially in the wet weather. It just sucks up all that rain and takes off. The Palmetto is in the foreground and the Empire Zoysia is in the back ground, and you will also notice how green it has become over this wet weather. Such a lovely deep green colour. But of course the best part of the photo has to be the muddy girls. Not only because they are mine, but mostly because they are not yours and wont be walking mud into your house this afternoon. If you have little ones like my 2, then get some lush green Coastal Turf grass at your place to stop the mud. And don’t get a back pebble driveway. It just fills with mud…..

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