Mothers get all the fun!

Do your kids say funny things about you at school? My 10 year old son has a habit of talking without thinking it through. Words flow out of his mouth quicker than he can scan it through his mind to make sure it sounds right. (Sometimes his Father has a similar problem.) 

A bit of background information for this story. I work physically on the farm. Every day. I am not one of those ladies that can sit in the office all day. I need to be outside, stacking the turf, digging holes, talking with clients, and generally being a farmer. I love it. Not a lot on my kids Mums are like me though. Most of them work inside, have perfect nails and hair, and always pick their kids up clean. I usually come to school in the truck with turf on the back, mud on my face, and dirt under my nails. My son used to be embarrassed, but he starting to embrace my working look. I secretly think it is because on the deliveries that he comes with me to, people say how lovely it is to see a young man out helping his mum.

 Thank you sooo much to all those lovely people who embrace our family business. 

Secondly every time I have seen my kids teachers in interviews, I make sure I look like everyone else Mum. I do not go straight from the farm in my work clothes. I go in interview clean face and a touch of make up. If I’m really trying to impress I might even wear a dress.  

Two of my little kids (12 and 10 years old) go to a small school where quote often year 5 and 6 come together. Luckily on Friday was one fo those days that my two kids were in the same room, or I wouldn’t have known about this story. 

So on Friday Mrs M (My 10 year olds teacher) starts to ask all the students in her class to describe their Mum in 3 words. 

According to my 10 year old, most kids had words like lovely, wonderfully, caring. Now he is really keen to impress his teacher and his older sister about how knowledgeable he is. So he started to think of better descriptive words for his Mum than his sister would be able to.


 Mrs M  comes to my son and says , “Ok Marcus ,your turn. Describe your Mum in 3 words “. Very proudly he stands up and says loudly “Bossy, Passionate, and Dirty!”  My 12 year old said Mrs M’s face went into a little screwy, like she was trying not to laugh. Other kids started to giggle. Then he thought about what he said. Then he realised; and he started to blush. 

“Oh no. I mean she is always covered in mud from the farm. She loves her family and her job sooo much. But she always telling me what to do! “ He blurted out. 

I’m not sure what his teacher thought.But I do not think that running a family farm and business was the first to come to mind. I think several other professions may have skipped across her mind. 

Turf farming and creating family lawns is a dirty muddy business. But it is full of laughs and fun. I get to work with my Dad, my husband and my kids, creating family lawns. Kinda like being a mum of 2 boys and girl; Its messy and loud, but full of laughs and fun. 

So thank you to all the people who support our family business. And know that not only are you giving my kids funny things to say at school, but a work ethic and love of the outdoors. Which we hope to pass onto your family when we help you create your backyard. Having a grassed yard to play in is a special gift that any family can give their children. Rolling around on the grass creates strong happy memories and bodies. 

Get in contact with us today so we can help your family get a wonderful green lawn to play on, and my family funny stories to say at school. Next school interview I am going like this!






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