Mothers Day Lawns

Want to get your Mum something that says you love her and the Environment this Mothers Day?

Then look no further than out your door.

With one simple phone call to Coastal Turf, we can arrange to have a beautiful new lawn installed for your Mum.

A green lawn is the purest of joys for any families lives. It is the place where your Mum probably taught you how to catch a ball, how to run races around the house and the place where you could all fall down together and laugh and giggle. Not to mention all those amazing backyard picnic adventures on your lawn.

Or possibly the place that your Mum sent you outside too when your Inside voice was becoming a little too much like it belonged outside on the lawn. Or when she believed that balls, nerf guns and lightsabers really needed the wide open spaces of the lawn.

A new natural Turf lawn will allow your Mum to take in big long deep satisfying breathes, as her new lawn purify the air.

Her new lawn will lower her heating and cooling costs, as studies have shown that natural turf grass taken right up the home, reduces heating and cooling bills by up to a third! See what the Benefits of planting a lawn are according to Conserve H2O

And with the new varieties available at Coastal Turf, you can choose a low maintenance, but always green and fluffy Empire Zoysia for her new lawn. A win win. She gets a beautiful new lawn and you don’t have to go and mow it. Expect of course if she is making those amazing cakes….

You can always give your mum little extra gift this Mothers Day and have the Turfman team install her new lawn. Then you don’t even have to get dirty.

So give your Mum a gift from Mother nature. A New Lawn.

And possibly a bottle of wine. She would like that. To sit with you on her new lawn with a glass of wine, and talking. What more perfect a mothers day is there?