Month of May at Coastal Turf

Well hasn’t May been just awesome this year. It has been a wonderful month of Sun and warm weather. But also it is the Biggest Morning Tea month. And that is great. Being a small family business there wasn’t much point having an Office party as there would have been Me, Mum, Dad and Mick. So I was delighted when Bogangar Public School had a Biggest Morning Tea that we could all attend. My children attend Bogangar Public School, and Bogangar has all been effected by the News that a local football boy has a serious cancer. One of the mothers at the morning tea had a Nephew recently diagnosed. So it had meaning to everyone this year.

It was great to see other working Mums taking their time out to come down as well.


Biggest Morning Tea at Bogangar Public School 2012 with Jodie from Ocean Spirit, Sare from Coastal Turf, Tracy and Cohan from Aline Building, Sonia from Precious Parcels

And being the month of Cancer research fundraising, my boys all got in on the act too. At Raiders Football Club, they held a Shave Day to help a young man. And my wonderful boys went to help. Together they raised money to shave off their hair to help. Riley who is 10 already had a shaved head, so he just got a “Top Up” in his words, but Marcus who is 4, had really long hair. I’ll let the pictures show for themselves….

Not much on grass this week, but its definitely for a worthy cause

Chat soon