Merry Christmas

Well Merry Christmas to all!!! I hope that all your Christmas hopes come true.

Mine will be a little twisted this year as I have broken my foot. I went to the bin and missed the step. Very embarrassing, especially since everyone in the street saw me. My husband is slightly devastated as this means that now he HAS to drive to everything. I am sick of having crutches, but the kids think its great. The 2 year old is much faster than me now.

The Coastal Turf Team just thinks its funny. Yes it is to some extent but funnier on them later when they say “Can you just cut some turf with me?” Hahaha No! Can’t even drive. Lucky the boys are still all good.

Have a lovely fun Safe Christmas cause believe me you don’t want to be on Crutches. I will put some lovely Coastal Turf Christmas party pics of the team up soon, and of course of my lovely children.

Lots of Christmas wishes