Merry Christmas To ALL and to all a green lush lawn…

Well at our house we are in full swing for Christmas! The Tree is gorgeous with home made decorations. The presents are wrapped with way more sticky tape than is needed. And the family has arrived to start the Christmas partying. So what else is needed. Well according to my husband, we need to do the lawn. He had my 10 year old nephew, 9 year old son, very old Step-father in law, Brother in law and himself out there yesterday manicuring the lawn, so we can all eat and be merry on it on Sunday. He has deemed water fights ok, and slip and slide a maybe (depending on how much slippy soap we put on – it can harm the lawn you know) and tables and chairs on there. Let me just say being a turf farmer and living with a landscaper/turf technician our lawn gets a spruce up only once a year when everyone isĀ  coming. And the different turf types that make up my lawn (Palmetto in the shade, Zoysia where the cars park, Coastal Mix where the kids play and green couch under the clothes line and Blue couch out the front) are all given their special make over with their special needs, and then come together as one big green lush lawn. And isn’t that part of what Christmas is all about. Everyone from different areas and backgrounds coming together to form a beautiful family to gather eat and be merry at Christmas. And its even better if its done on a Coastal Turf Lawn!


Merry Christmas