Measuring it twice – Do your lawn once and do it Right!

How many times have we all just gone, “Yeah that’s about right” or “Near enough is good enough”, and then we get to the end and it just doesn’t work.


I myself LOVE to bake. Cakes, scones (I am actually a prize winning champion with my scones), brownies, pies, I love to bake. And the general rule of thumb taught to me by my Grandmother was less is more when baking. But this is definitely not the case when turfing your lawn. Especially when you are only a few meters short.


Do it once and do it right. Take the time to measure your lawn. Not many people have a measuring wheel at home to measure up their yard. But if you go back to primary school in a little memory flash back you may remember that most adults pace size is about 1 meter in length. So give that a go as a measuring wheel replacement, but walk it out twice and see if you get the same. If you do Great, if not try a third time and use your best judgement.


Also not many people have a perfectly square backyard. Most yards are funny shapes. But can usually be broken down into shapes that we can all work out the size of. So look at your yard and do a small sketch and see what you can do. I know I am a visual person and when its on paper it is so much easier for me to work out.


But if you are one of those gifted many who can look at an area and just know the size, like my father, then order away. But maybe get someone to measure it just in case. Like us. We do it for free and then you know how many meters are involved at your place. And we can bring little sample pots for you to check out what grass will suit your yard and lifestyle. Then you only have to get the turf in once, not twice or 4 times like a customer the other day.


Happy measuring