Marcus’s Birthday!

This week for me with the Rain, is not about Grass, Turf or Lawns. It’s all about Marcus! My baby is turning 4! It is shocking to think that my littlest child is now going to be 4 years old! This Wednesday is going to be a big Boy he tells me. All grown up and too big for me to carry, and then he will be able to drive the trucks like Poppa and Daddy. Wow the things you can do now-a-days when you are 4. Not to sound old, but back in my day, when I turned four it meant that I got a “Big Girl Bike” and that Dad took off one of my training wheels. Now Marcus thinks he can drive a truck. Excellent. Don’t know how many off you will be happy with a four year old delivering your turf. Hang on mate I know you can’t now, cause you can’t drive the Bobcat to get the turf off. Haha Mum wins! No truck driving for you Marcus! He tells me he has to be at least 6 to drive one of them. Phew we are all safe a little longer!


And what were we all doing 4 years ago? But in 2008, a big boom in Salt in Northern NSW was talking place and we were taking in loads and loads of beautiful Queensland Blue Couch into peoples front and backyards. And on a reminiscing drive the other day, I noticed that thees lawns are looking soft and fluffy. A place where I would love to lie down and play with my kids in. Congrats to those with those lawns. 4 years on it looks great. And I am a lot more Brain Power these days.

Chat Soon when I am all partyed out