Making the right choice for your new Lawn.

This last couple of months the Turfman and I have been looking and looking and looking a different cars. We are buying a new Ute for our Family and work. And after a while I couldn’t distinguish between my Toyotas or Mitsubishis or Fords or any of the others that we looked at. They all kinda mooshed into the one car in my head.


It made me think about how really hard it is when you are making a decision that will effect your family’s life. Like your lawn. It is one of those things that you will look at everyday. You will use most days, and your kids will be on it with little bare feet. Your animals will play out on it everyday. And you want to make the right decision about which on his the best grass for your new lawn.


Sometimes you have past experience with different lawns at your place. Like when you are replacing your existing yucky lawn, to a beautiful new exiting value adding lawn to your home. I kinda equate this to when you go and replace your old car with a new one that will better suit your changing family. In those cases you can at least rule out the grass varieties you know won’t grow at your place. And the grass varieties that will not fit with your changing lifestyle.


And then there are the cases when you are moving into a new house and you haven’t lives there. You don’t have the experience with your yard to know how much light your lawn will receive all year round. Like when you are looking at a totally new different type of car. Going from a sedan to a ute. Its going to be ¬†difference in the lives of our family.


So after going through all this fuss and bother and stress of a new car, I have a new appreciation of what people go through when they buy a new car. In the interest of this, we have our display plots at JH Williams at Chinderah (24 Ozone Street), kinda like a display yard for lawns. And we offer you the chance if you want to come and walk on our paddocks at the farm at Round Mountain (near Hastings Point and Cabarita Beach NSW. Surfers always know where we are) you are more than welcome to make an appointment with me.

And if you are still confused, take home small bit of grass and see what you think.

And I have made up some info sheets with pictures for the different varieties so you can take it home and read through them again and again. Like you do with cars.

We also have some lovely clients who are happy for you to drive past their lawns and see what it looks like in your area. I think this is the best one. Because you  can see how normal people take care of their lawn. And how it grows near you.

And best yet, I can have one one of the Turfmen come to your place and look, touch and tell you what they think will work best.

Hopefully this will help you choose the best grass.

Or let me know a better way to move forward. Any thing we can do to help you choose the right lawn for your place, and make that process easier for you I would love to know.

Chat soon