How to make your lawn green again.

Finally the rain has arrived. And aren’t all our lawns just sucking up all the beautiful moisture.

Our lawns over the last couple of months have been working hard to stay soft the green for our enjoyment. Its time we gave back to our lawns by giving them bit of shit. And by saying that I don’t mean to tease them and say how they haven’t really been preforming to how we would have them to be over the last couple of months. I mean by throwing out some organic chicken manure based fertiliser, Dino Fert, to put back some of the healthy nutrients that your lawn has been consuming over the last couple of months.

Now none of us like throwing shit if it means that it sticks to us. And that include the smell. Thats why throwing out some Dino Fert in this rain is perfect. The little pellets are safe for people to hand throw out over your existing lawn and let the rain wash it down into the root system. That stops the smell floating through your home, and washing. The Rain is a fantastic saver. Not only will it give our lawns a great big drink and bring with it some great nutrients, but it takes the smell down to the roots as well.

So spread some shit this weekend in the rain. Dino Fert is kid and dog friendly. It won’t hurt them a bit.


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