Magnificent transformation in your lawn!

The rain brings amazing things. I don’t know how bu the rain always seems to rejuvenate everything much much more than irrigation. And the smell is wonderful. And we have a “tin” roof. I absolutely love the sound as it rains. And our paddocks love it way more than I do. They have just blossomed into a thick lush green carpet across the farm. I love this time of year. Just before spring and the rain comes in, the kids are happier because they can be outside longer, and my fingers don’t freeze when we harvest. Which means I can harvest more and more for your new lawn. And don’t forget about our Saturday deliveries. So much easier to get people over to help you install your new lawn. Hehe. Youo don’t even have to tell them. Just say “hey want to come for a BBQ? Just wear old clothes we are pretty casual here. Oh your here. Great. If you want food, then install that pallet over there.”

Hehehe. Have a great weekend.


The only part that my husband doesn’t like, is that the lawn needs moving again.

Sorry Honey.

Chat soon Sare