Macadamias, Erosions control and how Coastal Turf can help

This month I have been chatting to a lot of people in the Macadamia industry about erosion control, and Sweet Smother. I can heard eye brows raise. (Yes, I can. I’m a mother. We know these things)How can a lawn grass help with Macadamias?

Well Sweet Smother not only just makes an amazing lawn for very shady areas, it is also great at using its roots strength to stop erosion between large trees, like Macadamia’s to make sure that the soil stays near the roots of the Tree. Making us those delicious buttery nuts. I don’t know about you, but I have a small love affair with Macadamias. Especially the chocolate covered ones, oh and the raw ones, and yes the chilli spiced ones, and the Roasted ones. Lets face it, they are all delicious. So I do love being able to help Macadamia farmers keep their trees happy and healthy with the help of our Sweet Smother.

Sweet Smother loves 2 hours of direct sunlight a day, but in winter it can grow with filtered sunlight only. So its great for under large trees. When my kids were very little, we had Sweet Smother around our sandpit which was located under a very large ghost gum trees. What I really loved about the sweet Smother, was its ability to grow with the low lights getting in, mostly filtered sunlight and have a place for the kids little feet to walk over. Not even the sand castles being built on the sides of the Sweet Smother stopped it from growing. It may be slow growing, but it is a tough little plant.

Coastal Turf is friends with an amazing company called Bio Science Australia (http://www.bioscienceaustralia.com/environmental-benefits-of-turf.html) who specialise in the Environmental Benefits of turf, especially when it comes to erosion control. So much soil is washed away from Job sites, sloping yards, and pathways. With a small investment of money and time, putting some green couch down to hold onto the soil is a very wise investment. Benefits include not only the peace of mind of seeing the green around, but the turf will hold the soil around your site, stop any fines that could be associated with wash away, and keep the nutrients in the soil where you can use them, rather than someone else.

And with all this rain around in the chill of winter, digging out your mud is not all that enjoyable. Its much more satisfying seeing green go down, and knowing that that is where the soil is going to stay.

So whether you are looking for a bit of sweet smother to stop the erosion on Macadamia Farms, or some humble Wintergreen to stop your soil slipping away, Coastal Turf has the Right Grass for you

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