Low cost grass

With all the hard economic times ahead of us and all of us feeling the pinch at the moment, Coastal Turf is going to try to help with your lawn budget. We have 9 different varieties of turf that fit your lifestyle and budget, and the team to help you match it. We have the big named grasses and we also have the unsung heroes of the turf world like the couches and carpet grasses. That means no matter what the budget we can help you get grass down.

But be careful! We have had people call and get a quote and say that they can get the same grass cheaper. And if you can match “Apples to Apples” as Barbara says then its all good. But recently we had a lovely lady call us in to help with a patch job at her house. Another turf supplier had sold her what she was assured was Palmetto Buffalo, but when Mick got there he had to break the news to her that she had in fact been sold a couch! She thought she was getting a good deal but got ripped off. So all the sprays she was putting on for Buffalos was killing all her lawn!

Mick did help this lady and now she has a wonderful lawn, But please Buyer beware! Please check our web page for what the grass looks like up close. Make sure you know what a buffalo and Zoysia and Couch leaf look like before you accept your turf order! Make sure you are getting what you pay for! If you are quoted an A grade Price, make sure you are getting an A Grade Product.

At Coastal Turf we will always deliver what you have asked for. We believe in service and quality and the best advertising is always Word Of Mouth.