Looking after your lawn investment!

At Coastal Turf, we love to chat lawns, and helping you to get a beautiful new lawn with beautiful Coastal Turf grasses is just the first step. Choosing installing and establishing a new lawn is a great investment. An investment into your home, and also into your happiness. Looking out and then stepping onto your beautiful soft quality new lawn is a wonderful experience you will get to enjoy every day. 

After you have invested time and energy into creating such a beautiful space at your home, let us help you protect your investment. 

Lawns are our life at Coastal Turf. We love to have a soft beautiful grass under our feet. As a Coastal Turf lawn owner,  we want you to enjoy that feeling all year round. Our team knows all about how to feed and nurture lawns as well as  all about the bugs or beast that will try to eat your lawn. 


After years of trying and researching different  products, at the farm as well as at our teams homes with our families and pets, our team has found the Acelepryn GR to be the safest and most efficient way to protect our and your lawns from army worm and lawn grub attacks.

The Acelepryn GR are little pellets that when spread across your lawn with a fertiliser spreader,  fall down into the lower levels of the lawn where the nasty little critters hide. The pellets then provide you with season long protection for 3-6 months. 3 months  during the spring and summer months when the evil bitters  are at their worst and in plague proportions. 6 months over the cooler months when the grubs are not so active. 

Depending upon the size of your lawn, we have the Acelepryn available for you in the 1kg tubs for smaller lawns, 4kg tubs for medium lawns, or 10kg bags, for people with larger lawns, or who want to store and protect their lawn for a year.

The life cycle of a lawn grub.


When you installed your lawn, like all good lawn parents, you would have prepared the area with a good quality soil, and sprinkled across the soil before laying your lawn, the under turf starter or underlay to give your new lawn food and nutrients and access to water as it establishes. By applying the fertiliser and water crystal combination under the turf slab, you provided the roots access to food and nutrients as they greedily ate and established in the new soil. 

Once you lawn is established, the plant has absorbed and utilised the beautiful food of the fertiliser under the turf slab.  It is now time to feed your lawn regularly. Applying a fertiliser at least every 3 months will give you lawn nutrients it will be looking for to stay thick, lush and stay bright green all year round. 

The All Rounder or Turfmaxx are great Couch and Buffalo fertilisers. As pelletised fertilisers, over 6- 12 weeks the pellets slowly release nutrition to promote steady growth in your lawn. Couch’s and buffalo’s are hard wearing lawns. This means that they repair  and grow quickly to stay thick and lush. By regular fertilising with the All Rounder or the Turfmaxx, your lawn will be able to handle swings, soccer slides, football tackles, and your Dogs Zoomies. 

For Pacific Zoysia™ lawns, the Zoystar is specially formulated to provide the specific nutrients that the Pacific Zoysia™ needs to thrive. The complex formula will provide food for your Zoysia lawn for up to 3 months, slowly realising food into your lawns ecosystem to  promote steady growth of your lawn. Making it such an enjoyable experience to walk across your lawn in bare feet. 

Pacific Zoysia™ is just a beautiful lush lawn. Keep it looking that way with the ZOYSTAR .

For quick pick me ups for your lawn, a liquid fertiliser is a better way to introduce food into your lawn. Being a liquid, the nutrients are able to be quickly absorbed into the root system and then utilised by  the plant for exceptional growth. 

The Enhance liquid plant nutrition is a great way to get beautiful colour back into your lawn within 24 hours. Often used in the media to give TV and movie set lawns  that bright green flush. Enhance will help your lawn take on that dark green colour and promote fast growth. 

Seavival liquid soil health is full of bio stimulants to promote long term health of your lawn. The roots of your lawn love to be feed directly, and the Seavival helps the roots to growth big and strong over Autumn and Spring. In Winter and Summer, the Seavival help calm the plant down and destress so the extremes in temperatures  do not worry your lawn. 


After you have established your new Coastal Turf lawn, the pampering watering of your lawn can be eased back. By providing your lawn with short waterings morning and afternoon during the establishment period, meant that the lawn was never able to stress and dry out. 

To ensure that your plant stays calm and happy, growing thick, lush and green, regular waterings can occur on a much less intense basis. 

Give your lawn the foot front test. 

Walk across your lawn and then turn around to see where you have walked. 

If you can see your foot print marks in your lawn, then the leaves are thirsty. The more water the plant  hold in its leaves, the faster it will spring back up. The less water, the more likely the plant will lie down flat. 

Regular waterings at dawn or dusk will mean that your lawn is less likely to loose water through the day, and will stay healthy and happy. 

If we do come into a dryer season, where the rain does not grace us with her presence, applying a Hydramaxx or an Aqua turf wetting agent will allow the water to collect near the root systems and not drain way. This is  perfect for the sandy coastal regions which usually allow fast water drain away, leaving lawns thirsty. 


Regular mowing is a great way to feed and protect your lawn. But keeping your lawn in a neat short length, this usually encourages the leaves to grow tighter together, leaving less room for the evil weeds to invade. 

Three  rules of thumb to live by

  1. Never take off more than a third of the leaf at a time. 

Your lawn is loving life through its green soft lush leaves. It’s where the plant holds water and turns sun into food. If you take off too much of the leaf at a time, the plant looses its ability to eat and drink easily. By taking a little at a time, you leave your lawn the ability to eat, drink and be merry lush and green . 

  1. Never mow shorter than your second knuckle.

Just before you mow put your index finger down into the thatch of your lawn. Push down until you can feel the soil with the tip of your finger in the soil. Your middle knuckle is the lowest point you should every lower your lawn mowing height to. 

  1. Mulch twice collect once. 

When mowing your lawn, mulch the clippings back into your lawn for 2 mows. And then on the third time, collect the clippings and dispose of them. By mulching twice, you allow leave to break down in the soil, feeding the good bugs and also stopping some of the evaporation in your lawn. 

Collecting on the third time means you take away any of the leaves that are not breaking down and give you lawn space to breathe. 

Walk across your lawn with Bare feet and enjoy

Any questions about the love and care of your lawn dont hesitate to get in contact with the Coastal Turf crew. Assisting you to get a beautiful new lawn with beautiful Coastal Turf grasses is just the first step. We love to chat lawns, and helping you have that fresh cut great feeling all year round is the next step we would love to take with you.

Get in contact with us today to see how we can help.