Long Weekend Lawns

Well QLDers you guys are getting another long weekend. Its ok, cause us hard working Turf farms down in NSW are more than happy to help you make a long weekend a great weekend! May I suggest, this long weekend a little plan …

Saturday – Kill your weeds. Spread your soil. Level the ground and create a fantastic soil area of your new turf to live in. Call us at Coastal Turf to arrange to have Gorgeous Green Couch, Beautiful Blue Couch or Coastal Mix delivered to your home on Monday.

Sunday –  Sit down relax. Breathe. Congrastulate youself on a great preparation job. Take some selfies of you and your amazing soil. Before shots always make you feel good at the end. Call your Friends and Family and ask them for a “BBQ” at your place tomorrow. Go buy some sausages and maybe Beer.


Monday-  Sleep in. Casually make your morning Coffee and smile proudly to yourself that your preparation is all done and your new couch lawn will be there today. Get ready for the transformation. Greet your “guest” and if you haven’t already told them, let them know there is no food or Beer until they have helped you install your new lawn. Don’t forget to smile. Greet The Coastal Turf delivery person with a smile and let him know where you would like the pallets of turf placed. He will use his skid steer loader to move them as close as possible to where you would like to install your new lawn. Get stuck into it with your family and friends and install your new lawn. Take th after shot and be super happy.

Monday night- reflect on how awesome you are and how great your lawn and home look now. Smile and take another selfie!


Hope this plan is a goer for you. And we will chat on Saturday to arrange your new couch lawn.


My selfie with our road and  paddock. I know yours will looks heaps better

Chat soon