Your lawns Mental Health

Doing a bit of casual reading on school holidays, actually not really. Doing some homework for work and study. But my kids think I am lying down reading a book or playing games on my iPad. No I am doing serious adult stuff. And only occasionally flicking over to Facebook. And if I’m really honest I actually found this reading Facebook.

Being a bit of a Lawnatic, actually one of the original Lawnatics, I “Like” the Lawnspiration Facebook page. And they had a really interesting article from the Work Health Organisation about their recommendations for healthy lawns.

“We all know (and love) the feeling of luscious turf under our bare feet. But did you know the World Health Organisation recommends at least 16 square metres of green space per person to improve well-being and help treat mental illness? Full report can be found here: http://bit.ly/2hHHuOd ” curtesy of Lawnspiration Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/lawnspiration/?fref=ts)

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It is a really long read, but does have some interesting info. I already knew, as a Lawnatic, that 50sqm of lawn can provide a person with enough oxygen for a whole year. But the mental health side is super cool. I know I feel better when I can see green everywhere, but being a farmer I just assumed it was a farmer thing. My mental health does depreciate when I can’t create more Lawnatics with Coastal Turf Lawns. But it is good to know that our Lawnatics are getting the same happy mental feeling as we do on the farm.


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