Lawnatic advice to keep you cool.

As I was came to work this morning I heard on the radio a reminder from Paramedics and Doctors to stay hydrated today and spend as much time in air conditioning as possible.

Well this is your Lawnatic Doctor reminding you to keep your lawn healthy and hydrated today, and it will keep you cooler.

In fact your lawn is trying its hardest to cool down your home and itself. By having your lawn butted right up against your house you can lower temperatures by up to 5 Degrees in side. So your lawn is looking after you.

If you could look after your lawn it can help you more. In the heat of the day when  you are hopefully all snuggled up in the cool of your home, bare a thought for your hard working lawn. Turn on your sprinkler for 5 minutes at lunch and cool your lawn down. It will stop it from stressing and cool it down so it can keep your home cooler as well.

By turning on your hose and cooling your lawn down you can save money on having to pump your air conditioning so high. And still have the gorgeous green around you.

And, as a Lawnatic Doctor I totally recommend turning the sprinkler on your new lawn in the evening and running under the spray. You know its not just for little kids. It is a very important adult job.  Its for your lawn you are doing this. By running bare foot across your lovely soft lawn under the sprinkler you are judging if the area is hydrated enough to move the sprinkler to the next area. So totally a grown up thing to do. And fun!

So stay cool and green this summer.

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