What could your Lawn be used for?

Over the past couple of weeks, our lawn has been used for some many many different things. It was

A football oval – a very intense game between the boys verses girls in our family. We lost.

A soccer field – I’m better at soccer. The girls won that one!

A dance floor – my daughter and her friends had an impromptu dance party on the lawn to entertain everyone! I’m not the best dancer so no prizes for unco mum here.

Somewhere to fly their kites – That was awesome Fun! I haven’t flown a kite in years!!!

Gymnastic arena – our lawn is routinely used as the best practice place for cartwheels and forward rolls. Into mum is really really no good here.

A race track – I thought the kids were racing around the house, but I couldn’t work out how my youngest was winning, then I realised that it wasn’t actually a race but a chase him down thing. I WON that one!

Book reading couch – both myself and the kids love the lie in the sun on the soft lawn reading a good book, much more relaxing than the racing.

Study area – Now I have one in High School, finding a place without TV or phones for distraction is essential! And I read somewhere, hopefully not Wiki, that learning outside for boys can be more productive. All I know is that he set his homework completed faster outside than he ever did inside. Maybe its the tranquil green around him. Or the need to finish and get back to his playstation – who knows. Don’t really care either, as long as he completes improperly.

Car Park – we had friends over and ran out of car parking spaces

Dog playground– as you can see our largish dog (he isn’t fat to matter what the vet says) who loves running and playing on the lawn, kids or no kids with him.


Keith loves his Buffalo!

Keith loves his Buffalo!

And thats just to name a few! So probably like many peoples lawns, my lawn is defiantly not there just to sit there and look pretty. Don’t get me wrong, me y lawn is green, lush and soft, but it is very much a functional part of our home. It is well loved and very much well used, intricate part of our home and Lives. Our Lawn is the first part of my home people see when they are welcomed into our home, but it is there to be used! I love my lawn – and I think it loves all the time we spend together…

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