How has your Lawn helped you today?

Quite often your lawn is the last thing you think about when you build a house or when you are renovating. And then when you get to the end, you start to wonder if you really need to spend money on “JUST GRASS”. Well, that Just Grass will give you back soon much more than you ever give or spend on your lawn.

Financially your investment into your lawn will return to you on average $75,000 extra value to your home. Recent studies have shown that a well maintained and green lawn can add up to $75,000 to the value of our home. Even for the fanciest biggest Lawn we have installed and looked after here at Coastal Turf and Tony the Turfman, we have never even got close to $75,000. So your small investment of maybe $1500 will give you a return of $75000. That I think is better than putting the money into shares.

Looking out onto your lawn, how do you feel? At the worst you may feel you need to mow your lawn at the moment, and the cardiovascular exercise you will receive mowing your lawn is really good for you. Really! And while you are there take a big deep breath! Know how that amazing oxygen gets into the air for you to suck in as you run around and play on? Thats right your LAWN! An average lawn makes enough oxygen and absorbs enough CO2 to sustain a family of four per year. Your lawn makes more oxygen and stores more carbon than all the trees in your garden.

And by putting your lawn up against your home, you are cooling your home in summer and warming your home in winter. The average lawn has twice the cooling capacity of an average home’s ducted air-conditioning system without the accompanying negative environmental effects of energy use and carbon dioxide emissions.


So your lawn already today has added money to your home, given you oxygen to breathe, and saved you money, and given you a little cardio.


So the least you can do is say Thank you lawn with a little love. Not much to ask

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