Lawn Grubs :O!!!

Lions! And Tigers! And Bears! And even worse; Lawn Grubs!!!! Oh My!

There are some of us who believe that Lawn grubs are just as scary as Lions, Tigers, and Bears. And in Australia, I do believe that there is more risk of be being attacked (alright. Probably more than likely the word should be Effected.)  by Lawn Grubs. So maybe they are scarier!!!!

Ahhhh! Lawns grubs crawling through the depths of your lawn. Using their lots of creepy legs to shuffle their way through the stems and leaves, while they feast upon your well look after green lush outside carpet! How dare they! The thought of yucky little caterpillar looking evil things crawling around makes my skin crawl! I don’t know about you, but the thought of them in my lawn make me shudder. Yuck!

Are you getting dead patches in your lawn at the moment? Are you seeing brown tips forming on your lawn, and you have been looking after it really well so their is no reason for it to happen? You could have ….. (pause for dramatic effect please) LAWN GRUBS! Oh My!

This is what the nasty little blighters look like as they hatch out of their eggs and come down into your lawn.


If you have seen this happen at your place, or have seen the signs, get in contact with us and we will put you in contact with someone to elevate the problem. We know the relevant professions to make sure it goes away now! And save you in the future!


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