Lawn Grubs, Gorgeous Lawns and kids

And now at this point all you dear readers are probably thinking, oh its ok, we haven’t had lots of rain, so we don’t need to be on the watch for lawn grubs. But dear reader, Their cocoons are still lying in wait!

Like Nits in kids hair!


I only know this comparison because my daughter has become infested again. (With Nits not Lawn Grub.) Just as we think we have them beat, back they come. Now the poor thing has her hair covered in cling wrap and we are awaiting the death of the evil nits.

And my Dad came over and said that cling wrap is a great way to see if your lawn has lawn grubs too. By placing a large piece of plastic or cling wrap on the ground over night, waited down, you can tell if there is any grubs in your lawn. Put the plastic down over night, and in morning lift the plastic up and if you have grubs, they will be hiding under the warmth of the plastic. Then if you have them, lainch into action!


So good luck to all you lawn owners, I hope your lawn doesn’t have an itch it can’t scratch. I’m back to combing my daughters hair.


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