Lawn and Turf Supplies -Oh my goodness how I have missed saying that!

Well have you ever been so happy to get back to work that it makes you smile as you walk through the door. That is exactly how I felt this morning! I have spent the last 2 weeks with my children vomiting all over my house car and myself and their self. Yesterday was the first day that my house didn’t have that terrible hospital smell to it.

I am sooo excited to be at work in the quiet of tractors and generators and the rest of it. So peaceful compared to “mum its happening again!”. I take my hat off to all those Nurses and Caregivers out there. You are amazing people! So lovely to sick people all the time and to the over tired slightly psychotic mothers who bring them in.


But back to turf. I wanted to quickly remind everyone that we are open all next week with Dad only having Easter Friday and Easter Sunday off, all the rest of the time we will be cutting and delivering to your door. So maybe while the family is around these holidays get them to install a bit of turf for you or patch up that dirt spot you have been meaning to do for a while. I know that I will be really happy to answer all your calls over the next week because you will talk like an adult and not about why that stuff comes out of my like that.

Hopefully we will chat soon, A really happy to be back at work