Kids, Cricket and why we all play cricket from an 8 years point of view.

This week my son came home deflated because he didn’t make the school cricket team. Now try outs were weeks ago and the boys have all been training hard at school and after school as well. I have to say their dedication is to be applauded.


A little back story to Marcus’s sadness though was that the day of school try outs, my youngest son thought he would give it a go. We hade played cricket win the backyard on the very rare occasion. ( Our lack of Cricket enthusiasms is mostly due to me  being very uncoordinated and the idea of anyone throwing a ball at high speeds at me with only a tiny bat to defend myself frightens me. Another back story to this back story is that my brother is incredibly sporty and when I used to play backyard cricket with him when I was a kid he would always bowl a proper bowl down to me. Now I am not naturally talented at anything but wine tasting. So hitting a real bowled ball was really not possible. I was often told LBW! with my whole body.)  So Marcus who has inherited his uncles and fathers natural sporting ability, tried out for the cricket team and was named a member. And then went off to play soccer with his friends at lunch, fell over, and broke his arm. So no Cricket for him.


Now do you know what the best part of school cricket is to an 8 year old boy. The comradely of his team? The experience of facing other schools and showing school pride?  No none of those adult things we like to think is true. No; its the having days off school to travel to other schools and play there. Missing out on a whole days of school work.


So Marcus came home this week disappointed that his friends were off, again,  for the day and he was stuck at school. This is when he talked his Father and Grandfather into making a cricket pitch in the front yard. Next year he is going to be soooo good he tells us they will take him with or without a broken arm. Originally he wanted to make the whole green couch paddock in to a cricket oval, but I said no loudly enough that his father and grandfather could hear. Its probably good timing on his behalf because Turf Australia has a How To Guide on how to make the perfect cricket pitch on their website and the Lawnspiration Facebook page.

FB_Turf_backyard cricket

I’ll let you know how we go. We will defiantly be using the Green Couch for the pitch, and most likely just our Coastal Mix we already have in our yard for the oval part.

Heres your guide too, show me how yours looks and we can see how we went.

And Don’t forget the Lawnspiration Facebook competition to win tickets to the Big Bash!

Chat soon