The Kids are in charge now of the lawn!

Do you remember when you were a teenager and your parents would go away for the weekend and you were left “ALONE” at home, to do as you will. And how exciting it all was.

Coastal Turf is a family owned and operated farm. Which means that my father started the business way back, and now he and I are working the farm and the business together along with a few other wonderful people. I really enjoy working with my Father. I get to spend time with him everyday. But sometimes after 10 years of working together every day it is nice to have a break. And I have finally talked Dad and Mum into going for a holiday!!! Their first in 14 years! They are off on a train adventure around Australia.

And I almost feel like the teenager being left at home alone. A little rebellious part of me is thinking of having a party. Which is really silly because I can have parties at my house anytime I want to. So over the next two weeks I am in charge on my own!!! Mick and Barbara will be here still as well to make sure I stay within the lines.

Although it does mean I get to drive the fancy tractor with the warm air-conditioning. I get the ute with the comfy seat. And maybe if I am feeling really really rebellious I might even get the really good chair in the office for two weeks. Not really a party. But a little bit of excitement in the turf family life.

So the feeling at the farm this week will be a little light hearted. And if you and I are really lucky over the next couple of weeks I could be bringing your turf to you. Maybe I’ll even bring cake with me this week.

Chat soon