Kids and Turf Farms

Well the best part of being a part of a family business is being able to bring your kids to work when you need to. I think from the kids point of view they may not agree. Today I have 2 sick boys with me; the eldest lying on the lounge watching TV; and the youngest on my lap as i type. They are sick of the office and sick of being sick. And the dark clouds and windy weather aren’t helping either. Usually when they are vomitty (don’t know if its a real word but we use it all the time at our house) they go and sit on the lawn outside the grass in the sun and they start to perk up.  I don’t know what happens at your house but my kids only get sick and start vomiting from 1am. So by 11am they are either really sick or much better, and I am exhausted by 1pm.

Hopefully it all goes soon and we can all sleep