International Womens Day

I heard on the radio this week that International Womens Day this year was all about a call to action for Women to join the Sciences. But I say, Women join the Horticultural sector. Its way more fun!


You get to play outside, in the mud, and sun an cool air. You get to get your hands dirty. You get to have a work out without going to the gym. And mud is great for your skin.

And if you really enjoy the sun, being outside, as well as having a little bit of Horticultural Science behind you then Women, come over to the turf industry!

But if you just want to dabble in the Turf Industry, then install your own lawn. Forget the Gym for a week! Eat whatever you want! And get the muscles anyway!

Spreading your soil across your new lawn will mean your arms and legs and gloots will look amazing. You can skip leg and butt day at the gym! And I feel you have earned that glass of white. Take the time to appreciate your work. Take a couple of dirty selfies (dirty as in messy, not the other kind. PLEASE only the messy kind).

Get your new Coastal Turf lawn delivered. Look at the brown soil, and smile knowing you will never see it again. The beautiful green lush turf will replace it very soon. Why not call in your Gal Pals and together lay your new green lawn carpet. Its always more fun to chat and giggle while you lay your turf. So the satisfaction you will get from creating your own beautiful lawn will far surpass any gym work out you do. And in most cases its a hell of a lot cheaper than a Gym membership as well.

And after you lay turf people encourage you to enjoy your victory with a BBQ and a refreshment. At the gym, they don’t. We want  you to celebrate how awesome you are at exercising and creating beautiful spaces.

Go Women in Grass! Have fun in the mud and create a beautiful home! Isn’t that what we are all good at? Being just, you know, amazing.