I want to share my favourite place with you.

This is my favourite space. 

This is my favourite place

Not only on the farm. But in general I think. 

It’s the place I come to relax. The place I come to think. And the place I come to write. This is where I am today. 

It’s a place of peaceful noises. It does have quite horrid smells. But they are smells of the farm. So they give me comfort. Only a Turf farmer could say that freshly mown grass, chicken manure and soil smells give them comfort.

This place is away from all the hustle and bustle of the machinery shed. And its far enough away that I can walk here from the office, but they cannot see me. Its my quiet happy place.

It s the place where my kids tell me secrets. Where they share their worries. And we sort them out together.

There is always shade in some area here, and always sun. So in the winter it is warm, and the summer it is cool. And this is perfect for the Wintergreen Couch to thrive in.

As you can se it is thick fluffy and inviting. It just calls to you to sink down into it. The grass is saying take your shoes off. Walk on my. Feel the earth ground you.

This feel in god bliss and happiness is something that I want everyone to have. I know that in everyone homes, there is that space. The place you go to think, unwind, chill.

And if you don’t, then I want to share some of mine with you. I think you would love to have a Wintergreen Couch lawn area where you can sit and relax and breathe. Let the day wash away from you, while you walk, stand or sit, grounding yourself with your beautiful wintergreen couch lawn underneath you.

Everyone needs a little tranquility in their lives. So let us help you get a beautiful Wintergreen Couch tranquility area at your home.

And make you own favourite place. Click here to find out more bout the winders of wintergreen.