I got Played!

Well my daughter played me yesterday! it was my first experience of Hollie playing me, and she did it so well. It was about 5am when she woke up crying about an ear ache. I always have sympathy for them, ears can really hurt. So I sad she could have the day off from school. I made the doctors appointment, put my son on the bus, and then about 9.15 am Holl jumps out of bed to tell me she feels much better she can play with Marcus now. I was so shocked for about 20 seconds until I came up with my evil plan. My friend is a really good Natural-path. I love her and her great products – especially cause she will tell you if medicines will work better for this disease. A healthy balance we call her, anyway, I gave her a call and explained my situation and she said no worries and gave me some stuff that tastes terrible but is nothing more than a vitamin hit. We told Holl that an ear infection that comes and goes is bad, so she had to take this medicine to feel better. Well after taking it I don’t think she felt better about lying to me about being sick but I did.

So now that I really should relate this in some way to grass cause it is a grass web site, its like when the grass is lying flat on the ground looking really thirsty and hot from the extreme heat we have been having, but really it is closing up to conserve water energy within. But haha Mother nature knows their wyly ways and drowns them in a huge storm.

See mothers always know when you are lying in the end.