Hump Day, the rain and Dancing to your great choices.

Being Hump day and being rainy wet cold day, this Wednesday is really making me look forward to the weekend. On Wednesday I always believe that the weekend will be bright and sunny, and be warm. In my head I always think of the weekends as only being in Summer. Yes I am a bit delusional. In two ways really – Summer is months away, and this weekend is not really going to be a dry one. But thats ok. Because I will continue to dream of the warm Summer months coming while I stand my daughters 8am Hockey match in Murwillumbah; wet and cold. But happy knowing that at least the farm is getting a lovely dose of water to get the Organic Fertiliser we spread yesterday and today right down into the roots of the turf. This means next week I will have a beautiful green glow across the farm. And that is defiantly something to get excited about.


The rain, like it is now, in its drizzly state makes a perfect time to spread fettles across your lawn. Be it new or old. The rain dissolves either the pellets of fertiliser (like the amazing Dino Fert) or which ever type of fertiliser you choose to use and allows the soil to suck up the beautiful nutrients and make it available straight away for the roots to absorb. Like us, or definitely me, our lawns love to eat in winter. To get all warm and fulfilled with a big feed always makes me feel better. And our lawns do to. So encourage your lawn’s root growth with a fantastic winter meal of food and water to fatten them up for an exciting Spring growth. 

So go stand in the rain in your gum boots and big yellow jacket, especially if you are 5, and throw out some fertiliser on your lawn. Embrace the rain and all the wonders that it will bring to your lawn, and throw out the fertiliser and get your lawn to absorb the smell as well as the nutrients now. And you can also splash in some puddles and bring back your childhood memories of fun. Also get the neighbours talking about why your lawn is so much nicer than theirs. Because its a Coastal Turf lawn, and thats why your celebrating your brilliance.

Chat soon


PS would love to see photos of lawn celebrations! I will put some on of my Farm celebrations in the rain in the next couple of days!